On Brexit and Long-Term Speculation

The results of last week’s referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership in the European Union have proven to be ample fodder for a media feeding frenzy. While both the “Leave” and “Remain” camps were quick to utilize the almighty power of fear itself, the eventual triumph of the former has prompted the latter to simply crank up the volume. “United Kingdom torn apart, Europe disoriented” … Continue reading On Brexit and Long-Term Speculation

On Orlando and Fear Itself

Forty-nine innocent people in Florida lie dead this week, dozens more are injured. The only reason for this is because a monster denied the worth of their lives for no other reason than they were different from him. In the days ahead, I am sure that there will be discussions about religious fanaticism, America’s seemingly endless procession of gun violence and tragedy, and the dangers … Continue reading On Orlando and Fear Itself

Islamophobia Is Not The Answer

As is the case with many Arab Americans, I grew up in a religiously diverse household. Although I was raised Catholic, my Shia grandparents loved me unconditionally. They were my biggest fans, encouraging me to befriend both Christian and Muslim children at the local Maronite church, which served as the hub of the Lebanese American community in San Antonio. There was something about our community … Continue reading Islamophobia Is Not The Answer